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Converting currencies for cannabidiol

Foreign Exchange for CBD Business

Once your business is up and running with a bank account and CBD payment processor, you will likely need to exchange some currency in the course of your business activities. Secure and reliable currency exchange is a huge problem for the CBD industry.

International CBD currency transfer

CBD is bought and sold all around the world and across borders, therefore the industry requires a simple cross-border currency solution which it currently lacks. For example, if you are a UK based company who imports CBD products from America or Canada and then distribute your product to customers in the UK and Europe, effective CBD FX currency exchange will be key to your business.

Move cbd related funds across boarders

It's not only high street banks and payment processors making life difficult for the CBD industry - FX can be challenging too.

UK & European CBD Accounts

Can Harvsted help us exchange our currencies?

Using our industry knowledge and contacts, we have sourced CBD friendly FX liquidity and payment partners so you can rest assured you'll be able to operate cross boarders quickly and securely. Easily pay overseas suppliers the same day and remit profits in a foreign currency.

Where can we transact?

Harvsted can offers truly global potential. Pay, receive and convert 35 currencies across over 200 countries.

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Customer service

Why use Harvsted?

There are relatively few offerings in the market and unfortunately we see that they use the CBD companies position of weakness, in their ability inability to secure proper financial infrastructure, to charge higher fees and provide a poor service.

Our CBD FX partners are backed by the CBD industry, understand the CBD industry and put the CBD companies at the heart of all they do, providing a service that actually adds value to their businesses.

They continue to serve some of the biggest names in the space and integrate state of the art technology with superior customer service.

Overcoming the CBD compliance challenge

Finance within the Cannabidiol industry needn't be such an issue with the right partners on board.

COmpliance requirements

How long will it take to be up and running?

The good news is it is quick to activate your FX capabilities. If we have opened your bank account for you, we will have all the relevant documentation to hand.

If you already have banking services and are simply looking for a better foreign exchange service, we require the regular KYC and AML documentation, including:

- Business registration and activity details including supporting documents
- Details of Directors and ultimate beneficial owners
- How you will use your account

We can usually open your account instantly, however it may take up to 24 hours depending on if we need any extra information from you.

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harvsted providing a leg up

Our FX integrates seamlessly with our CBD banking, Crypto brokerage and payment processing solutions.

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