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Financial services for the CBD industry, including banking, company formation, payment gateways and marketing products.
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CBD Businesses

The Harvsted team come with decades of experience across the gaming, cryptocurrency and emerging markets industries. This unique set of expertise has enabled the development of world leading accounting services for CBD startups and those directly involved in the legal hemp production, distribution and retail industries. Explore our full range of services below and get in touch with Harvsted to help navigate the challenging regulatory world of CBD.

complete business solutions for CBD

CBD Accountants solving all challenges faced by startups in the cannabidiol industry

Local & OFFSHORE CBD FOrmation

CBD Company Formation

Forming a company is simple. Forming your CBD or Hemp based company is not so simple, where directors, banking, payment gateways and licensing may all be directly affected by the location of the company. At Harvsted we're highly experienced in developing the perfect company formation strategy to suit your specific and often unique circumstances.

Whether you'll be best served by an offshore CBD company formation or a local one, we'll ensure all details are in place and all deadlines and submission dates are met to have you trading as soon as possible.

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VAT, Tax Returns & R&D Tax credits

CBD Taxes

Navigating taxes is never a simple process and will often require an experienced accounting team to support even the leanest of startups but when it comes to the CBD industry and your CBD taxes, a specialist accounting team is essential.

International CBD taxes, CBD tax returns and tax reclaims where available, can all be handled with ease by our dedicated accounting team.

complete business solutions for CBD

CBD oil is growing exponentially, leaving traditional finance far behind - leaving you under served.

Management ready reporting

Monthly CBD Accounts & Reports

At Harvsted we provide perfectly created monthly reports for senior management, including profit and loss, budget and actual and niche accounting for CBD such as Yield and Purity.

Depending on the specific requirements of each startup, additional reporting across payroll and taxes can be fully incorporated to suit.

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Hire Csuite board memebers

CFO Services for CBD Startups

Our talented and experienced network of virtual support and finance staff provide your startup with vast CBD industry experience while Harvsted supply shareholder reports both annual and quarterly.

This utilisation of expertise will enable your business to implement proper processes and procedures with regular strategic reviews.

Cost effective solutions for CBD Oil retailers

Extortionate fees for banking and payment processing are plaguing the CBD industry. Harvsted is here to change that.

Banking for cannabidiol industry

CBD Bank Accounts

Securing the right bank account for your CBD business can often be a challenge, with many traditional financial institutions still wary of new emerging markets. Harvsted have direct access to some of the most innovative and accessible CBD banking solutions in the UK.

Speak directly with us to discuss your specific needs and we will work to implement the most suitable banking solution.

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